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About RGA

In September 2018 Nick (RGA) left his corporate job and took the plunge into being a full time content creator. This has allowed him to follow his true passions in life and do what he loves every day. Your support helps him create new types of content, videos, streams, and much more to come! Whether you choose to play on his Minecraft server, become a club member and participate in monthly calls, or donate to his live streams, it all helps make a huge difference!

Ways to Support RGA

Being a full time creator wouldn't be possible without your support, and takes major effort from such an amazing community to do so. There are ways that you can support RGA and allow him to keep doing what you love, some of which cost nothing!

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Hall of Fame

The hall of fame is reserved for the biggest supporters of RGA. Each person below is noted with what got them into the hall of fame. If you feel like you belong in the hall of fame, definitely remind RGA why and you may get added next!