Why Support RGA?

In September 2018 Nick (RGA) left his corporate job and took the plunge into being a full time content creator. This has allowed him to follow his true passions in life and do what he loves every day. Your support helps him create new types of content, videos, streams, and much more to come! Whether you choose to play on his Minecraft server, become a club member and participate in monthly calls, or donate to his live streams, it all helps make a huge difference!

For the past year RGA has been moving across the country, which has had a huge negative impact on his ability to create content. Your support during this very trying time has helped more than he can ever express, and has been a huge relief.

Your continued support will help RGA create/continue doing all the following things:

Club Memberships

Become a Member Today!

Club Memberships are an easy way to help support RGA! Your direct support allows RGA to continue making the things you love. You will also gain different benefits based on the tier that you choose to subscribe with!
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Become a Club Member

Explore the Benefits of Being a Member

There are multiple types of memberships to choose from to best suit you. Below is a list of the different tiers, how to subscribe to them, and what each tier comes with. There are many benefits that come with being a member, but most importantly you are directly supporting your favorite creator. If you don't want to commit to a monthly subscription, you can also choose one time subscriptions, or donate to RGA directly while he streams live on Twitch. There are also ways to become a member for free by using your Twitch/Amazon Prime subscription!

New things are always being added to the perks of being a club member, so check back often to stay up to date!

Free Membership

Link your Amazon Prime account to Twitch and receive one FREE Twitch subscription per month.

Once you link your account, or if you have Twitch Prime, you can subscribe to RGA on Twitch each month for no additional cost to you. Using your free Prime membership on RGA will help financially support him, as well as allow you to gain all the benefits of being a Tier 1 subscriber. The only downside is you will have to remember to log in each month and resubscribe manually, since free subscriptions don't automatically reapply.

Twitch and YouTube Tiers

Subscribe on Twitch or become a Member on YouTube

If you use Twitch you are familiar with subscription tiers. If you subscribe at tier 1, 2, or 3 you can link your Twitch to Discord. Once linked your subscription tier will be automatically synced up and you can begin receiving the appropriate tier benefits!

If you use YouTube you are familiar with membership tiers. YouTube has 5 tiers of subscriptions, and you can link your YouTube to Discord. Once linked your subscription tier will be automatically synced up and you can begin receiving the appropriate tier benefits!

Buycraft Subscriptions

Earn gems each month with a Buycraft subscription

If you play on RGA's Minecraft server (MC.Performium.net) then you might want to subscribe via Buycraft. Each month you will earn gems in game by simply being a member. This way everyone gets something cool out of the deal!

Purchase and Renewal Rewards

  • Gold: 100 gems monthly (1,200 annual)
  • Platinum: 200 gems monthly (2,400 annual)
  • Diamond: 500 gems monthly (6000 annual)
  • VIP: 1,000 gems monthly (12,000 annual)
  • MVP: 2,000 gems monthly (24,000 annual)

Club Rules

  • Most of the rules of being a club member can be summed up by the phrase "Use common sense". We don't tolerate bullying, harrassment, threats, or rude behavior. Just because you choose to be a member doesn't mean it makes you immune to any of our standard rules. Just treat everyone with respect and you will have a good time!

Tier Benefits

  • Tier 1 - Gold Club
    Gold Rank - Discord and Minecraft
    Participate in Monthly Voice Call
  • Tier 2 - Platinum Club
    Platinum Rank - Discord and Minecraft
    Screenshot in Minecraft
    All previous tier items
  • Tier 3 - Diamond Club
    Diamond Rank - Discord and Minecraft
    Discord Friends with RGA
    All previous tier items
  • Tier 4 - VIP Club
    VIP Rank - Discord and Minecraft
    Early access to MC server launches
    All previous tier items
  • Tier 5 - MVP Club
    MVP Rank - Discord and Minecraft
    Help shape RGA's future content!
    All previous tier items